England football squad leaked via sports blog!



25 thoughts on “England football squad leaked via sports blog!

  1. I am Shreekar and is the goalkeeper for the team. I never thought I’d be goalie for the team. Since I am,I’m definitely going to practice harder than ever before to make our team ever win the tournament!

  2. mr steadman picked the best goalie when i whent football club i could tell that shreekar was born to be goal keeper !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mr Steadman, I think that Kane should have the last spot because at football club he was the only defender that listened to me and he also defends really well. No one else listens to me. Kane also encourages me while in goal and I play really well when he’s around.

  4. i cant wait for captain jake me a great captain and Aaron to score us all ower goals and goalie shereka to not let a goal go past and every one else will without a dout do great to

  5. Kane some nice words there, let me try to answer your questions!
    – the last place will be announced on Wednesday on this blog
    – I think I will be one of the referees
    – if you do not have your own shin pads, you will have to borrow some of my spare ones

    Shreekar, I’m sure the others do listen to you! Footballers are a bit like that sometimes!??

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